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19/07/2024 21:36:10Police detain 1 person after shooting at SE Houston apartmen
19/07/2024 20:05:33Residential solar growing in Texas amid electricity worries
19/07/2024 19:49:16The Most EVIL Actors from Hollywood's Golden Age
19/07/2024 18:47:04If You're Scared of Bears, DON'T Watch This Video
19/07/2024 17:44:30Construction on 183 North Project, 183A toll expansion movin
19/07/2024 17:24:23U.S. Rep. Marc Veasey calls for Biden to step aside
19/07/2024 16:52:48Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are breaking SO with a 64-yea
19/07/2024 16:16:20Campers Watch Their Tent Fly Away
19/07/2024 16:00:37DeBriefed 19 July 2024: New political players in EU and US;
19/07/2024 15:13:42Man Tries To Pull Animal Weights
19/07/2024 14:03:25Groups raise worries with Bible-infused school curriculum
19/07/2024 12:16:39The Alarming Presence of Microplastics and Plastic in the Hu
19/07/2024 09:22:09LIVE: Former President Donald Trump speaks at RNC
19/07/2024 08:47:44Victorian Treasurer Flies To USA To Meet With Credit Rating
19/07/2024 08:27:22ACTU Suspends CFMEU After Corruption Allegations
19/07/2024 07:01:33Hulk Hogan rips off shirt at RNC: ‘Let Trump-a-mania rule ag
19/07/2024 05:20:20Rare orange lobster diverted from dinner plate to aquarium b
19/07/2024 02:39:22Take a Buc-ee’s road trip across the U.S. and get paid
18/07/2024 22:03:13HSBC Opens New Unit For Low-Carbon Finance, Alongside $1 Tri
18/07/2024 20:47:09Fort Worth-area lawmakers discuss legislative priorities
18/07/2024 20:40:09Worker Startles Funny Bird
18/07/2024 19:32:58Girls Topple Table During Beer Race
18/07/2024 18:35:51Funny Dog Gets Dragged Away On Beat
18/07/2024 13:33:37Why scientists are marveling at a potential spade-toothed wh
18/07/2024 12:04:16Missing New Braunfels man Caleb Harris’ remains found | FOX
18/07/2024 07:32:58Houstonians without power were getting back to normal when m
18/07/2024 07:22:55Families sue Houston’s Surrogacy Escrow Account Management,
18/07/2024 03:31:13Austin acupuncturist ordered to pay $2.3M in veteran billing
18/07/2024 03:11:06Hurricane Beryl’s electricity issues sparks question of how
18/07/2024 01:10:18JD Vance speech tonight: Trump VP pick, ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ au
17/07/2024 21:29:18‘Top Chef Masters’ star Naomi Pomeroy dies in tubing acciden
17/07/2024 20:12:31Eureka Moment! Amazon Hits 100% Renewable Energy Goal 7 Year
17/07/2024 19:15:44See a Brighter Future With These 8 Sustainable Optical and S
17/07/2024 19:08:24Blackwell School site in West Texas formally established as
17/07/2024 16:47:36Thailand hotel deaths: Americans among 6 people found dead i
17/07/2024 15:32:19OET Official Listening Test 2024 With Answer Key For Doctor
17/07/2024 14:36:54Spring residents urged to stay inside amid search for masked
17/07/2024 13:42:59New Taskforce to Target Small Boat Smuggling Gangs Unveiled
17/07/2024 12:25:41Odessa will spend $25 million to fix water infrastructure
17/07/2024 08:33:59Michelin Guide coming to 5 Texas cities
17/07/2024 05:36:08Transport for London set to spend up to £2.5million on equal
16/07/2024 22:27:59Silver Lining: Soaring Demand Outstrips Supply, Pushing Pric
16/07/2024 21:50:20Search narrows for new APD chief of police
16/07/2024 21:40:17Mosquitoes after Beryl: How to prevent these flying insects
16/07/2024 21:30:14Survey: Share your opinions on AI use in newsrooms
16/07/2024 20:56:31Dream About Dancing: Meanings and Symbolic Expression
16/07/2024 20:13:25Labour's First King's Speech: What to Expect
16/07/2024 20:09:48Texas teen kidnapped, beaten and shot by 5 people | FOX 7 Au
16/07/2024 19:29:29Jury reaches verdict in New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez’s feder
16/07/2024 17:01:43Angela Rayner defends Labour after Trump’s running mate call
16/07/2024 15:18:00FBI investigating Trump assassination attempt
16/07/2024 13:07:40Why the US-China tech war has led to Hong Kong wanting its o
16/07/2024 11:29:15Move over, Michigan: Georgia now leads in building next-gene
16/07/2024 11:06:40‘No one murdered my mother’: Son reveals mother’s mental hea
16/07/2024 07:05:12Former Secret Service agent speaks on Trump assassination at
16/07/2024 05:04:35‘Our system did not fail’: CenterPoint VP claims to KPRC 2 I
16/07/2024 04:34:24J.D. Vance named Trump’s running mate
16/07/2024 03:34:12Mayor Whitmire extends disaster declaration after Hurricane
15/07/2024 20:56:44Donald Trump announces J.D. Vance as his running mate at RNC
15/07/2024 20:11:48How to see it in Texas
15/07/2024 18:20:58Space exploration: New study finds moon houses caves that co
15/07/2024 18:00:50Steve Sarkisian and the Texas Longhorns Football Team Kick O
15/07/2024 17:55:40Trump on the Golf Course
15/07/2024 14:02:05Britain thrives in the connected economy
15/07/2024 13:59:34Big Thought, Dallas ISD provide free summer camp – NBC 5 Dal
15/07/2024 08:08:15Josh Smith hits 2 two-run homers to lead Rangers to 4-2 win
15/07/2024 02:50:35Scariest Doorbell Camera Moments Ever Recorded! (DOORBELL NE
15/07/2024 02:46:41Former Houston Texans receiver, Baltimore Ravens star, Jacob
14/07/2024 23:13:43Rudy Giuliani’s Wife Divorced Him Immediately After This Hap
14/07/2024 18:54:27KXAN Weather: Watermelon is summer’s fruit
14/07/2024 18:24:15Ex-Tarrant County constable Clint Burgess on Trump rally sho
14/07/2024 16:23:42Shannen Doherty, ‘90210’ and ‘Charmed’ actress, dead at 53:
14/07/2024 16:13:39Princess of Wales Kate Middleton attends Wimbledon men’s fin
14/07/2024 14:58:15Trump makes one last presidential immunity argument to the U
14/07/2024 14:37:23Funny Cockatiel Wants Chicken Strips
14/07/2024 14:26:59Conservative Justices Stir Trouble for Republican Politician
14/07/2024 14:03:0789-year-old woman unconscious for days due to heat in northe
14/07/2024 13:03:31Why Opioid Settlement Money Is Paying County Employees’ Sala
14/07/2024 11:55:53ASL Climate Change for Kids
14/07/2024 09:52:09How the assassination attempt on Donald Trump unfolded
14/07/2024 08:01:40Trump attempted assassination investigation: What happens no
14/07/2024 06:01:05UTPD searching for suspect after report of shots fired near
14/07/2024 01:29:40Houston power outages: CenterPoint crews attacked, threatene
13/07/2024 22:58:57Richard Simmons, legendary fitness guru, dies at 76 in Los A
13/07/2024 21:08:32Lawyer for Hannah Gutierrez-Reed will seek to have her case
13/07/2024 11:33:31This Will Be My Most Disliked Video On YouTube | Climate Cha
13/07/2024 11:12:54Ice ahoy!
13/07/2024 08:15:07Armed suspect in custody after holding woman hostage in apar
13/07/2024 04:03:38Austin welcomes first new interactive Nespresso store
13/07/2024 02:43:02Texans make their ire for CenterPoint after Beryl known
13/07/2024 00:27:46Biden’s DOE Awards $1.7 Billion for EV Manufacturing in 8 St
13/07/2024 00:02:03Help still needed for those affected by Valley View tornado
12/07/2024 23:31:46Texas to Debut in April 2025 in Galveston, Texas
12/07/2024 22:44:2815 Best Non-Toxic Furniture Brands for a Healthy Home (2024)
12/07/2024 21:20:37A New Nail Growing Underneath Here's What Your
12/07/2024 20:00:05Texas Longhorns vs. Michigan Wolverines voted the Best Non-C
12/07/2024 17:08:27Gypsy Rose Blanchard speaks out in 1st TV interview since an
12/07/2024 16:47:18Will China's economy ever overtake that of the US? – DW – 12
12/07/2024 16:47:15Future Hall of Famer Barry Sanders is drafted by the Detroit
12/07/2024 14:57:22Funding for crisis pregnancy centers could soon double or tr
12/07/2024 14:47:13Eastex Freeway closed: IH-69 northbound mainlanes at Kingwoo
12/07/2024 14:31:16Hungary's Orban meets Trump after NATO summit
12/07/2024 12:46:30Texas conservation groups use new formula to show their valu
12/07/2024 11:59:39What Will the Solar Maximum do to Earth in 2025?
12/07/2024 10:35:51Amber alert issued for 7 month old, last seen in San Antonio
12/07/2024 05:06:10Russia to Unleash Decade of Aggression Against the West, War
11/07/2024 23:41:47Among Texans, Kamala Harris is even less popular than Biden
11/07/2024 22:23:43Mom Tries To Stop Opportunistic Toddler
11/07/2024 21:30:53XR technologies shaping the future showcased at Augment Worl
11/07/2024 21:26:56This Cat Made A Terrible Mistake
11/07/2024 20:30:14Spiders Congregate on Top of Tent
11/07/2024 19:38:395 Easy Steps To Stop Your Eating Disorder Forever (Binge Eat
11/07/2024 19:23:12Hilarious Homecoming Surprise Reaction
11/07/2024 19:02:34Those Oblivious Americans
11/07/2024 17:29:15City of Coppell Asks Residents to be on Alert After Alligato
11/07/2024 16:00:30US and allies put pressure on Liberia, Marshall Islands and
11/07/2024 15:18:09Autopsy Reveals Mesquite Soldier Killed in Kentucky Stabbed
11/07/2024 14:31:41Ten years after the Flint water crisis, distrust and anger l
11/07/2024 13:07:33Finnish startup community CEO Riikka Pakarinen and Aalto Uni
11/07/2024 13:02:19California propone ampliar subsidios de seguros de salud a t
11/07/2024 12:36:19Biden awards ally Clyburn, longtime No. 3 U.S. House Dem, hi
11/07/2024 12:05:08AI chatbots Alexa, MyAI and Bing have an “empathy gap” and c
11/07/2024 12:05:05La gripe aviar es mala para las aves de corral y las vacas l
11/07/2024 06:44:56Hurricane Beryl: CenterPoint outages across Southeast Texas
11/07/2024 03:33:35Samsung Galaxy Ring unveiled: Everything you need to know ab
11/07/2024 03:00:59KPRC 2’s full interview with CenterPoint Executive Vice Pres
11/07/2024 02:50:50President Biden’s federal hurricane aid claim refuted by Gov
11/07/2024 02:30:12Dreams About Roosters: Meaning and Awakening Symbolism
11/07/2024 02:08:41Hurricane Beryl power outages: 1M+ in Houston area in the da
11/07/2024 01:08:45Sotomayor Calls Out Junk Science in Alabama Bite-Mark Case
11/07/2024 00:37:38FDA Said It Never Inspected Dental Lab That Made Controversi
11/07/2024 00:21:56Analysis: China’s clean energy pushes coal to record-low 53%
11/07/2024 00:11:29Man acquitted in Whitmer kidnap plot case running as a Repub
10/07/2024 22:02:26Steve Allen’s Wife Reveals the Harsh Truth About His Death
10/07/2024 19:27:33He Got An Autograph From World's Biggest Pencil
10/07/2024 15:02:4410 Beautiful Places to Source Ethical and Eco-Friendly Home
10/07/2024 14:03:32‘Go figure’: Houstonians use Whataburger’s app as outage tra
10/07/2024 12:00:31How bad are electric bikes for the environment?
10/07/2024 11:39:53When tree planting hurts the climate
10/07/2024 09:25:031 year later, no arrests made in drive-by shooting of sleepi
10/07/2024 07:20:462.5 million still without power tonight
10/07/2024 05:27:34City’s storm cleanup ‘grinds’ operations to a halt at Dallas
10/07/2024 05:17:29Globe Life field preps stage for MLB All-Star week in Arling
10/07/2024 03:22:20Hurricane Beryl: 10 killed, more than 2 million without powe
10/07/2024 01:18:04Doggett doubles down on push for Biden to step aside
10/07/2024 00:56:43News event held after president approves request to declare
10/07/2024 00:08:11John Ritter’s Brother Almost Died from the Same Disease as H
09/07/2024 22:57:44Christmas Tree Raffle Ideas: Creative and Fun Ways to Win
09/07/2024 22:37:34Fundraiser Calendar Ideas: Creative & Profitable Event Plann
09/07/2024 19:49:35Girls Accidentally Breaks Lamppost
09/07/2024 18:41:04What it’s like inside the eye of a storm
09/07/2024 18:11:09Suella Braverman's Tory leadership bid in jeopardy as closes
09/07/2024 17:29:45Medical Complications of Eating Disorders
09/07/2024 15:35:24Corgi's Funny Reaction To 'Walk'
09/07/2024 13:04:18What is Project 2025? The pro-Trump plan to transform the US
09/07/2024 12:38:22These are four tools to learn English from your cell phone –
09/07/2024 12:07:12Proposed Detroit fugitive dust ordinance moves forward
09/07/2024 11:01:56Bhad Bhabie’s Mom Speaks Out: Abuse Claims Against LeVaughn
09/07/2024 09:07:26Microsoft Notepad just got spellcheck in the year 2024
09/07/2024 07:02:11Cobra Kai Season 6 Is Unlikely to Be the End for All Charact
09/07/2024 06:31:24Microsoft Shares Notes on the Potential of AI for Business [
09/07/2024 06:21:10Kentucky Occasion Crasher Shoots 7, Killing 4, Earlier than
09/07/2024 04:54:23In case you missed it, ChatGPT on Mac suffered a serious sec
09/07/2024 03:32:5310-year-old North Texas boy receives life-changing double lu
09/07/2024 00:08:31Who could possibly replace President Joe Biden? | News about
09/07/2024 00:08:27Pawn Star the Discovery Channel Was Ruined Forever After His
08/07/2024 23:21:03YouTube Music is testing an AI-powered ‘Ask for music any wa
08/07/2024 22:35:39Small Dog Gets Yeeted By Zoomies
08/07/2024 22:04:38Joe Biden's Most EMBARRASSING Moments Caught on Camera
08/07/2024 20:31:38Great Dane Finds His New Arch Enemy
08/07/2024 17:51:58Jon Landau Producer of Oscar-Winning ‘Titanic’ and ‘Avatar’
08/07/2024 17:41:49Samsung Is Already Taking Shots at Apple Watch’s Blood Oxyge
08/07/2024 17:31:28Aries Spears Speaks On Black Women & Fake Eyelashes (Video)
08/07/2024 16:38:10Hurricane Beryl tracker: Where the storm is headed
08/07/2024 15:20:38Cute Dog Meets Horse And A Fail
08/07/2024 12:39:48Elephant in the room at NATO: Would Trump blow it up?
08/07/2024 12:08:45Mail-order abortion medication is safe and effective, study
08/07/2024 11:54:12Bryan Kohberger Mystery, How Could He Pull off Idaho Murders
08/07/2024 11:23:17Cricket Tasmania confident Test cricket can play under the r
08/07/2024 06:37:42Sam Worthington Remembers Late Producer Jon Landau with ‘Ava
08/07/2024 05:46:02Tropical Storm Beryl: Flooding, outages expected once storm
08/07/2024 03:51:41July 4 fireworks livestreams: How to watch online tonight
08/07/2024 02:57:34Cara Delevingne Says House Fire Would’ve Sent Her Spiraling
08/07/2024 01:12:14Angel Pop brings cutesy chaos to Playdate in a highly addict
07/07/2024 22:35:42Check out NASCAR’s first electric race car prototype
07/07/2024 22:04:45Congressman Adam Schiff Says Biden’s Age is Maintaining Him
07/07/2024 21:36:47Boys sneezing vs girl sneezing 🤧#@AndreoBee #shorts #funny #
07/07/2024 21:34:32Bachelor Nation Star Sarah Herron Offers Beginning to Twins
07/07/2024 17:34:22The Most Successful Shark Tank Deals Ranked in Order
07/07/2024 16:29:04Get Fret Zealot 2 for 20% off
07/07/2024 14:33:27Carnival Worker Does Stunt On Ride
07/07/2024 14:27:422 young women face backlash after viral video shows them moc
07/07/2024 13:53:04Get a one-year Sam’s Club membership for just $20
07/07/2024 13:22:11Why Mark Cousins Is ‘On Fireplace’ for Painter Wilhelmina Ba
07/07/2024 12:20:52Christian Walker, D-backs outlast Padres in extras
07/07/2024 11:15:29In full: PM Rishi Sunak delivers speech at COP27
07/07/2024 09:57:20KPRC 2’s Gage Goulding gives update from Port Lavaca as Bery
07/07/2024 09:57:17Voluntary evacuation for Galveston west end
07/07/2024 05:35:01Tories Urged to Admit Immigration Failure to Win Back Voters
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